WE ARE YOU!flag-trans

We are homegrown, hometown people who wish to live in peace.

We want to worship who, when, and as we please.

We want to raise, discipline and educate our children as we feel they should be.

We want to enjoy and play with our grandchildren while being unafraid and unashamed.

We want to look our children and grandchildren in the eyes and assure them, with pride, that everything really will be alright.

We want the freedom to express our opinions.

We want to leave our children the freedoms our fathers and mothers left us.

We want to be safe in our homes; the homes we have worked so hard to acquire.

We want to be able to protect our families and homes with equal and effective force.

We want our persons and personal effects to be safe from government intrusion.

We want to provide for our families by work of our own choosing.

We want to stay healthy and strong and see whatever doctor whenever we need to.

We want to be safe in vehicles we choose; after all they are our property.

We want to be able to drive across this great country, visit or meet with whomever, whenever we want.

We want to be able to vote and be assured our votes are accurately counted.

We want to be free to choose our elected officials; more people like us!

We will not be citizens led around by the Republican+Democrat Combine.

We will not let the government and government owned MASS MEDIA tellflag-trans us what we are, what we think, what we want, and what we don’t want.





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3 responses to “WHO ARE WE?

  1. momintheusa

    I couldn’t have said it better myself!

  2. As a leftist progressive, I want you to know that I find no fault in the text above. We may not agree on what it means in every case, but we agree that freedom – individual freedom – is the most important quality of America.

    • it is sooo important that we protect each other’s rights to be free! if God gives us freedom, then surely we can extend the same graciousness to one another. the Constitution will serve us well in this regard if we will also return to limited government and free market – what a novel idea!!! blessings/sc

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