R3=Realpeople Restoring the Republic

DripUSA = Don’t Return Incumbent Politicians (the keyword here is politicians as clearly opposed to statesmen of which we have a few! Thank God!!)  It is the equivalent of Throw the Bums OUT!  2010 needs to be nearly a clean sweep. . .

Get mad enough to not take it anymore.  If your EO voted for a bailout or just simply failed to say NO to more than he said YES to then send him/her a pink slip!

Help us or get out of the way.

Citizens have got to take back the reigns of power from elected officials and bureaucrats and lobbyists.

It is time to let them know who works for whom.


One response to “About

  1. I just saw your website for the first time. Very good!!!
    I started one to also get the word out.
    I am not very good at such things but for some reason I have had alot of people visit it.
    71,000 in the first month. So maybe our wish to get rid of ALL incumbents will echo with a lot of voters.
    Keep up the good work.

    Steve parker

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