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How Did We Know This Would Happen???

Dr Paul
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Subcommittee Guts Ron Paul’s Bill to Audit the Fed
by Charles Scaliger
Tuesday, 03 November 2009

The Federal Reserve Transparency Act (H.R. 1207), Congressman Ron Paul’s landmark bill to audit the Federal Reserve, has been gutted in a House subcommittee as it works its way toward a vote in the full House. The bill, which has garnered an astonishing 308 cosponsors from both parties, has attracted the scalpel of North Carolina Democrat Mel Watt (whose district happens to include Charlotte, the home of Bank of America, America’s largest commercial bank). According to Congressman Paul, whose Campaign for Liberty posted a video on the bill last weekend, Watt has cut out “just about everything” in prepping the bill for a full committee vote.


The bill in its original form required audits of Fed transactions with foreign banks, of its deliberations on monetary policy, of the activities of the Open Market Committee, and disclosure of communications between the Federal Reserve Board and reserve banks. All of these provisions, according to Congressman Paul, have been removed. “There’s nothing left,” Paul told Bloomberg News in a telephone interview. “This is not a partisan issue. People all over the country want to know what the Fed is up to, and this legislation was supposed to help them do that.”

Congressman Paul intends to try to reinstate the bill’s original language and provisions in full committee deliberations, and is hopeful that many of the bill’s hundreds of co-sponsors will exert appropriate pressure on the committee to bring the bill in its pristinity to a full House vote sooner rather than later.

One of the bill’s most powerful sponsors, Congressman Barney Frank (chair of the House Financial Services Committee), intends that the bill in its final form require a lapse of time between Fed actions and their disclosure to auditors and Congressional overseers. Frank believes that a delay would “lessen market impact” while ensuring Fed accountability in the longer run. Congressman Paul, however, is opposed to any such dilution of the bill’s language, believing that any mandated delays in holding the Fed accountable would allow the central bank too much room to evade responsibility.

Congressman Paul is still optimistic that the bill will pass in some form, given the magnitude of support it has received. He noted that the Federal Reserve and the interests that defend its so-called “independence” (read: “secrecy”) are very entrenched and unlikely to yield without a fight.

The current struggle underway to subject the Federal Reserve to congressional scrutiny may turn out to be as historically significant as President Andrew Jackson’s titanic contest of wills with the arrogant, crafty head of the Second Bank of the United States, Nicholas Biddle. The latter, in trying to stave off the dissolution of his beloved seat of power, used the resources of the bank to create a recession and marshaled all his allies in Congress and business against Old Hickory, but ultimately lost the battle. Whether Congressman Paul and his allies can carry the day against Fed Chairman Bernanke and his host of establishment supporters remains to be seen.

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CLC Talks about End the Fed Tonight with Ryan Underwood

Join special guest and grassroots activist, Ryan Underwood, along with Shelli Dawdy and Sandra Crosnoe on Constitutional Liberty Coalition tonight at 7PM CDT where our topic will be END the FED.

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FreedomWatch 28 – RJ Harris and more

FreedomWatch28 via R3s

click on the picture to go to the FreedomWatch28 site for the video link to this show (site has an embedded streaming feature and will take you from video to video for the show) there are six 10 minute segments!

R3publicans post on FreedomWatch28 here (videos here are all visible and you may watch any/all)

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Chaordic Slime Mold —– or —– What I love best about the RonPaulLiberty Movement!

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Chaordic Slime Mold

– or –

What I love best about the RonPaulLiberty Movement!

I have been studying slime molds, the structure of AA , Chaos Theory, open source software and the structure of the world wide web itself trying to grasp the nature of the phenomenon demonstrated by the Ron Paul inspired movement. I found that the common elements of it exist universally and the principles create many of the most durable organizations. The concept is new to me but this “emergent intelligence” is as old as it gets. From single celled independent organisms to great networks of people worldwide, a common theme appears. I may have stumbled upon the term to describe the quality that makes the aesthetically unappealing example of the slime mold uniquely successful. Chaordic.

What is Chaordic organization?

Here it is in a nutshell; System of organization that exhibits characteristics of both chaos and order but is dominated by neither.

The term was coined by Dee Hock, founder and CEO of VISA USA and VISA international. He paired two seemingly polar terms, chaos and order, to describe a system that encompasses both but is dominated by neither. In his book Birth of the Chaotic Age, chaordic is defined in this manner:

1. The behavior of any self-governing organism, organization, or system which harmoniously blends characteristics of order and chaos.

2. Patterned in a way dominated by neither chaos nor order.

3. Characteristic of the fundamental organizing principles of evolution and nature


The structure as well as the nature of this movement is as fascinating as its unifying principle. The individuals that comprise the liberty movement are, by far, the most noble group of people I have ever had the pleasure of mingling with and they have earned my faith in them. Every obstacle they have encountered has been surmounted in the most reasonable, ethical manner possible proving to me that the tenants of individual freedom are truly born of the natural order of existence. What I hope to gain by studying slime molds and the emergent organizational structure of self-help groups like AA is a solid understanding of this “unstructure” so that I can better maximize our strengths and avoid the pitfalls that inevitably lead to the destruction of artificially imposed hierarchies. Natural law is simply benign justice and nothing will survive for long that tries to operate apart from that principle.

If you are curious about slime molds, here is a link that gives a brief explanation of Steve Johnson’s concepts based on his book Emergence: The Connected Lives of Ants, Brains, Cities, and Software.


I have a copy of a paper that goes into more detail if you are interested. Just email me and I will gladly send you the file.

The Twelve Traditions of AA are a large part of that organizations longevity. I don’t think all of them are applicable to this movement but there are some operational tenants they espouse that are priceless.


If form truly does follow structure then we will benefit from examining this subject immensely.


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